1.Connecting your internet service
Introduce the fiber company and the provider company suppoting the intrnet service until you can get it
You can start your internet service easy and it`s convinience and safe

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We are suve that the internet problems have very diverse causes
so we can offer the solution ways by calling abd visithing with no additionnal fee

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HOW Easy!
to applying

Just contact! 'your name' youradless'your Fhon number 'your Date of Birth':

Your company

Please contact FAX, MAIL, at TEL
Please contact a necessary matter to us

Our company

②Contacting to the customer
We can suggest the best plan which fits your needs

③Adjustment for installation date
We try to start your internet service as soon as possible

④Installation and starting the internet service
Setting up your router by Vinet Okinawa

We can solve any problem of your internet service