How to reach Vinet Okinawa

Starthing kadena gate2

Starthing kadena gate5

Starthing from 330 way

A1. GO straight though kadena gate2

B1. From kadena gate5,turm left

C1. From 330way go straight Goya street

A2. Go straight

B2. Go this street uhen the blue bord appeard.go to up left side

C2.when you see koza music town.left side.turn left the street

A3. Pass CHUNA PETE`S left side

B3. you can see kadena gate2 left side turn right

C3. Go straight. when you can see ALTEK(requr store).Turn right

A4.Turn left after passed CHINA PETE`S

C4. You can see vinet`bord

A5.YOU can see yellou bord

A6.there is Vinet Okinawa in this billding

A7.We can Praide your Canfortable internet service for you